Simulation Solutions

Fighter and Tactical Radar Simulations:
APG-81 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) radar system with SAR, ISAR, RBGM, WX, GMTI/GMTT modes
APG-77 F/A-22 radar with SAR, RBGM, WX, GMTI/GMTT modes
APQ-181 B-2 radar with RBGM, SAR and Air to Air modes
APG-66/68 F-16 radar with A/A and A/G modes along with LANTIRN pod
ECR-90 Eurofighter radar with RBGM, WX, BCN, SAR, DBS, TA, GMTI
AWG-9 F-14 radar with extensive ECCM requirements
APG-65 AV-8B system with High/Medium PRF modes and DBS, SAR, SEA, BCN, Map, AGR, and TA
APG-73 F/A-18 and AV-8B radar upgraded with improved processing
APG-70 F-15 radar with A/A and A/G modes
ARG-1+ Export version of APG-66/68
APG-159 F-5 fire control radar
Blue Fox Sea Harrier multi-mode radar
APS-130 EA-6B search radar
PS05 Gripen Fighter multimode radar
GRIFO Fighter Air to Air and Air to Ground radar, similar to APG-66/68
Special Ops and TF/TA Radar Simulations:
APQ-174 LANTIRN variant used on the MH-47 and MH-60 helicopters
APQ-186 Upgraded version of the APQ-174 that is used on the CV-22
APQ-158 TF/TA radar on the MH-53
APQ-180 Variant of APG-70 radar with high resolution mapping modes used on the AC-130U gunship
APQ-170 Dual band radar with X and Ku-band subsystems for DRLMS and TF/TA, used on the MC-130s
APQ-122 Dual band radar with J-band and Ku-band subsystems for DRLMS and TF/TA
Maritime Patrol and ASW Radar Simulations:
APS-115 Basic Sea Search radar used on the P-3 aircraft
APS-137 P-3 and S-3 ASW radar with TWS, SAR, ISAR, and Periscope detection
APN-241 APG-66 radar with enhanced navigation and sea search modes
JDA MPA Advanced ISAR/SAR radar for the new Maritime Patrol Aircraft
Airborne Early Warning (AEW) and Surveillance Radar Simulations:
ASTOR High Resolution SAR and GMTI surveillance radar
APS-145 AEW and IFF system used on the E-2C aircraft
Commercial Weather Radar Simulations (WXRS):
Certified F.A.A. Level D and J.A.A.
FLW Forward Looking Windshear Detection systems
Bendix RDR-1F, RDR-4B
Primus 880
Rockwell TWR-850
Honeywell RDR 2100
Collins WXR-700, FMX-200 with FLW and Skin Paint modes and the new WXR-2100 as used on the Boeing 787 aircraft
Miscellaneous Radar Simulations:
ATC Commercial Air Traffic Control system
LN-66 Shipborne navigation and search radar as used on the LCAC
Visual Channel simulations:
Single and multi-channel visual systems and databases for fighter, helicopter and ASW applications
FLIR / IR simulations:
AN/AAS-36 P-3 Infrared Detecting Set (IRDS)
AN/AAQ-18 MH-535 FLIR with correlated database
LANTIRN F-16 Low Altitude Navigation Targeting Infrared for Night
Electro-Optical (EO) simulations:
AVX-1 EOS Three channel EO system (EO Wide, EO Narrow, IR); various correlated databases, including over 100 ship classes
ASX-4 AIMS Three channel EO system (EO Wide, EO Narrow, IR)
MX-15 Imaging Turret Three channel EO/IR system used for training turret operators
VISTE™ COTS product used for training police

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